OMG! I Forgot to Climb the Corporate Ladder!

When I was twenty-three I realized I’d forgotten to get a University degree.

To-Do List

So I studied hard, but it turns out that there’s a trick to passing exams and I didn’t know that trick so it didn’t matter how much I knew or how hard I worked, I was still a straight B- student. But that didn’t matter because…

…I realized I was doing Science when I should have been doing Marketing. After all, that’s where the money is, so when my marriage broke down and I took the children and moved to Auckland I changed my major. But then I realized I’d forgotten to climb the corporate ladder.

…So, I got a job in retail and worked hard, and became a self-motivated team-player with a can-do attitude and with my newly-acquired knowledge I ran a survey and gathered information to show the company how they could implement marketing campaigns to target specific market segments – which they hadn’t been doing. But then I discovered that all my work wound up with some self-motivated, team-playing, Management Trainee’s name attached to it and I’d been forgotten. But that didn’t matter because I knew management would finally notice me and I’d get my foot on the next rung of the corporate ladder…

…which didn’t happen. So, I left and got a job with another company because all I had to do was work hard and do all the right things so I could get a foot on that corporate ladder, then I’d be able to afford a nanny and a fabulous house and work all the hours to pay for it, but then I discovered the Boys Club had taken the next few rungs out of the ladder and there was no way up for me there, so I left…

…and put The Girl into Monday-to-Friday care because I knew that if I could only earn enough, I could get that nanny and buy that house and then we’d be happy but I was becoming disillusioned by all these Boys Clubs and those younger, self-motivated team-players with their can-do attitudes coming up through the ranks, so…

…I started my own business where I worked day and night and bought an apartment which was gorgeous and swank, and then I bought a rental property because I was an Entrepreneur, Darling, I was an Investor, Sweetie Sweetie, and I had mortgages and negative gearing, don’t you know, but time was going by and because I worked all week and looked after The Girl all weekend and every holiday, I was permanently shattered. But I kept going, until…

…the economy took a dive.

And things got tough. So…

…I sold the business and took a job that just didn’t pay quite enough, so things got even tougher. I was forever broke, I was forever tired, I was forever miserable. I had a job I hated, mortgages and bills that were killing me and I felt trapped.

Then Number One Son moved out of home. I missed him more than I can say. Then I discovered The Girl was in her last year at school, and I had no idea where she was going next.

Then I lost my job.

I panicked!

I didn’t have that degree; I hadn’t climbed the corporate ladder; I wasn’t an entrepreneur and I hadn’t become successful at anything. Worse yet, I hadn’t even been a decent Mother.

Reluctantly, I sold my beautiful apartment. I moved into my crappy rental house in a scummy area which was all I could afford. The Girl came home. I lived on welfare.

But then I remembered something – I remembered I wasn’t dumb! I remembered I’d learnt a thing or two! So…

…I got a part-time job and worked hard and did my scummy house up and scrimped and saved and paid every spare penny off the mortgage. I ran my household like a business and sold my newly done-up house for a tidy profit and built a beautiful new home especially for The Girl…

…which is where we live now. We scrimp and save; I grow vegetables in our garden and wear clothes with tags that say Made In Bangladesh inside the collar.

But I learnt some lessons through all this: It turned out my beautiful apartment was a leaky building, so I learnt I was lucky I didn’t keep it. I learnt that I don’t need a degree to do what I do; that with just some patience and a few brains, I’m more entrepreneurial than most people ever get to be; that happiness doesn’t come with a large pay-check and that caring for someone else really matters. I also suspect that, for me, at the top of that corporate ladder was a short path of misery to an early grave.

No matter how much rain there’s been, the sun will surely shine again. And sometimes, when you’re tired of swimming against the current, there’s a point when it’s smart to turn around and go with the flow.

Like I did.

Note: This is a long post and I thank you for hanging in there. I’d love you to stay with us so please, hit the follow button)



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3 responses to “OMG! I Forgot to Climb the Corporate Ladder!

  1. Bob M.

    Thanks for sharing. Some things we do because we have to, but for me fulfillment lies in finding what you love to do, and then doing that a lot.

  2. Kimberly Gadette

    And for the inspirational message of the week: this post!

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